The Teatro Cofidis Alcázar in Madrid hosted a musical dance in solidarity
November 30, 2021

14 November at 12 noon, the Teatro Cofidis Alcázar in Madrid hosted a musical dance in solidarity, with all the funds raised going directly to an account set up by LA PALMA Town Hall to help the islanders affected by the volcanic eruption.

The concert was initiated by professors from Complutense University and supported by the Smedia Foundation, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Royal Conservatory of Music. Jesús Román Martínez, a professor at our Faculty of Nursing, mentioned that they are also considering other ways of raising funds.

The performing ensembles and dance groups for this concert are La Orquesta de Pulso y Púa and Grupo de Danza Española from the University of Complutense. They have performed hundreds of shows worldwide to date.

La Palma, the greenest of the seven islands and the richest in fresh water, is the westernmost of the Canary Islands and is known as La Isla Bonita. Since the eruption of the volcano on 19 September, this beautiful island has touched everyone’s heart and our school has organised several donations of materials to the island in the hope that La Palma will soon be restored to its former beauty and peace.