The University of Oviedo and Proyecto Hombre will evaluate the effectiveness of “Juego de Llaves”
February 18, 2022

The “Juego de Llaves” project is led by the Addictive Behaviour Group at the University of Asturias and supported by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.” Juego de Llaves” is a universal school prevention programme designed by Proyecto Hombre and is widely used in Spain by ESO students in grades 1 to 4.

The Addictive Behaviour Group of the University of Oviedo signed a research contract with the Proyecto Hombre association and received support from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to design an evaluation protocol to analyse the impact of the “Juego de Llaves” school prevention programme on reducing drug use among adolescents.

According to the latest data from the National Drug Programme, young people aged between 14 and 18 admit to having consumed substances such as alcohol (77.9%), tobacco (41.3%), cannabis (33%), oxycodone (18.4%), cocaine (3%) and ecstasy (2.6%).1 The age of initiation of alcohol and tobacco use is around 14 years.

As there is no published protocol in Spain aimed at evaluating this type of programme, it is necessary to carry out an evaluation design that meets the reference quality criteria.