The Observatorio de la Dehesa de la USAL and the Salamanca City Council have set up a Farm Estates website and a seed bank.
February 21, 2022

Javier Iglesias, President of the Salamanca Council, and Ricardo Rivero, Rector of the University of Salamanca, presented the projects to be carried out through the Observatorio de la Dehesa. The ultimate goal is to protect the characteristic ecosystems of Salamanca province, preserve biodiversity, increase the profitability of the ranches and stabilise the population in rural areas.

Ricardo Rivero and Javier Iglesias emphasised the creation of the first network of model haciendas in Spain, which owners of similar types of farms can join. The aim is to attract resources and create research projects. Another project that will soon be launched is the creation of the Tehran Seed Bank, which aims to protect native seeds and promote the regeneration of future pastures damaged by bad practices or the impact of invasive species.