El profesor Alejandro Quevedo lidera un proyecto pionero de excavaciones arqueológicas en Argelia
February 22, 2022

Alejandro Quevedo Sánchez, Professor in the School of Geography and History and member of the UCM African Archaeological Research Group, is leading an excavation project in Algeria in collaboration with the University of Moselle Abdallah. He explains that this is “the first time in the 60 years since the war of independence in 1962 that Spain is leading an archaeological project in this African country”.

Out of a perception of the Algerian coast as an uncharted space, he believes that many perceptions of the Mauritanian-Caesarean province that was once ancient Algeria are also very skewed. This place was formerly closely linked to France and is now in fact very close to Spain. On the basis of this perception Quevedo has embarked on this project and is committed to researching and filling in the gaps in this field of knowledge.