The Chamberí Centre Campus has been officially launched.
February 22, 2022

Since the date of Governing Council approval on 25 January, the Faculties of Documentary Sciences and Business and Tourism, the Faculties of Labour Relations and Legal Practice, the Marqués de Valdecilla Historical Library, the Santa María de Europa Residence Hall and the San Bernardo Historical Auditorium have officially constituted the Chamberí- Centro Campus. The new campus brings together around 6,000 students, nearly 200 teaching staff and over 100 administrative and service staff. The Faculty of Business and Tourism is the largest in terms of numbers.

As Rector Joaquín Goyache explained, the construction of this new campus was included in his election plan, with the help of Deans José Luis Gonzalo and Francisca Blasco, coordinated by Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations Juan Carlos Doadrio, who said: “We believe that now is the time to launch the time for it. This new campus is now a reality, but we want to give it more identity and visibility. It is a very visible project that will enable the University to coordinate with the other institutions in this integrated neighbourhood and will make many contributions”.