More than 100 activities conform the cultural programme of the UAL for the second four-month period.
February 25, 2022

On Tuesday this week the University of Almeria presented a programme of 10 university extension classrooms.

 A wide variety of offline activities in the form of courses, seminars, exhibitions, lectures and concerts are aimed at the university community and society at large.

The Office of the Vice-Rector for Communication and University Promotion at the University of Almeria wants to build cultural events that are broad, varied, attractive and meet the needs of the university community, extending to the whole of society.

This activity is designed, planned and organised as a cultural proposal with the aim of subconsciously influencing the necessary comprehensive training of university students. But also to provide an attractive proposal and reference for other members of the university community (teaching staff and administrative and service staff), as well as for interested citizens.       

The Vice-Rector also mentioned that a multi-purpose building is being built on the campus, so that all the University’s cultural activities will be concentrated in this space. In addition, this cultural project combines activities such as courses and workshops, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, etc. designed by the University and in collaboration with other public entities (Almeria City Council and the Department of Culture of the Andalusian Regional Government) and private entities (Peña el Taranto, Clasijazz and Diesis).