Advanced Master’s Degree in e-sports, by the hand of Encuentros Complutense
February 28, 2022

It was posed around an almost innocent question: “E-sports: is it easy to make money with video games?” And it ended up being an advanced master’s degree on the present and, above all, the future of a sector in full expansion.

It took place at the Faculty of Information Sciences on 24 February at a Complutense Meeting that brought together Fernando Piquer, CEO of possibly the best organised e-sports club in Spain, Movistar Riders; Miguel Ángel Salcedo, Chincheto77, gamer, streamer and co-founder of the influencers’ agency L3TCraft, and the lawyer Álvaro Marco, partner at the firm BDO and president of the Spanish e-sports association. They were moderated by José Cuesta, general director of Voxel School, a postgraduate centre, associated with the UCM, specialising in video games.

The first attempt was to answer the question that gave the Encuentro conference its name: Is it easy to make money with video games? After listening to the debates of all the participants, the unanimous answer was “yes it is possible”, although it is best to forget the word “easy”.And to the question “Is eSports an attractive area to invest in?

The answer is also absolutely yes. It is clear that the industry is becoming stronger and stronger. But in reality eSports are now considered a private activity and there is no specific legislation to regulate them. As in any other area of life legislation is not necessarily a good thing, but certain rules are necessary.