Youtuber Antonio García Villarán calls on students not to lose the spark of creativity
February 28, 2022

Antonio García Villáran’s art criticism leaves no one indifferent. His Youtube channel has 1.2 million subscribers and to date his videos have had more than 126 million views

An artist by vocation since childhood, and a teacher by chance, Villarán has given a lecture at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid。

In the more than two hours that he shared with the students, Antonio García Villarán reviewed his entire life and artistic career, from his first painting, painted as a child with his aunt Ambrosia, to the emergence of NFTs and crypto-art. The artist explained that all his life he has been moved by impulses, by “a spark” which is what keeps him excited and which he believes is a characteristic of youth, but which can be fostered throughout life.

Garcia Villarán clarifies that this spark “gets lost if you don’t look for new challenges”, but if creativity is encouraged “it is maintained regardless of age”.

In order to make a living, or survive, from art, García Villarán stresses the importance of training, but one that is not rigid, but one that allows artists to express themselves.

Apart from that, the artist believes in the importance of “having a life”, something his teacher Manuel Álvarez Fijo taught him.