Moha and Pilar, an exceptional story in the harsh reality of foreign minors in care.
March 1, 2022

The documentary “Moha y Pilar”, directed by Sergio Catá, was screened on 1 March in the auditorium of the Faculty of Information Sciences at the Complutense University.

It was a formal documentary and the two main characters of the film shared this extraordinary experience with the audience.

Moha’s story is like the story of many others who choose to venture out at sea every day in the hope of finding a better future. Unlike what happens to the vast majority of people, one day Pilar Carmona appears in his life. The teacher felt he had to do something and offered to become Moha’s host family before he reached the fatal age of 18 for many migrants.

Jesús Fernández from CEPAIM attended the debate organised after the screening of the UCM short film. He explained that about half of the minors who were once in care do not manage to make the so-called transition to adult life and that more than 10% of them end up on the streets in a state of severe exclusion. the story of Moha y Pilar is “exceptional” and shows “the success of humanity and the failure of the state”.

Jesús Fernández believes that the new Aliens Act, adopted just three months ago, although not yet implemented in the Autonomous Communities, will significantly improve the transition of minors in custody to adulthood.