The Rector presents the book “History of uranium in Spain”
March 1, 2022

The Rector presents the new book “History of uranium in Spain”

The Rector of the University of Salamanca, Ricardo Rivero, participated this morning in the presentation of the book ‘Historia del uranio en España. De la minería a la fabricación del combustible nuclear, c 1900-1986’, authored by Esther Sánchez and Santiago López, professors at the University of Salamanca.

The presentation, which took place in the Aula Miguel de Unamuno , was also attended by Héctor Dominguis, President of the Spanish Nuclear Society, and Sama Bilbao, Director General of the World Nuclear Association.

The book, published by the Spanish Nuclear Society, is the fourth in a historical series on the development of nuclear energy in Spain, and its aim is to understand and highlight the path followed by Spain in relation to uranium, in particular the years in which the country developed an important mining industry, sized the nuclear magnitude of the energy plans and completed the production cycle with the creation of Enusa and the Juzbado fuel assembly factory in Salamanca, incorporating the most advanced technology into the Spanish economy.

The book is available to view in digital format as a free download.