The University of Málaga(UMA) obtains more than 6.6 million from the European ‘Next Generation EU’ funds for 6G research.
March 1, 2022

The future has never been so present at the UMA. The University has obtained more than 6.6 million from the European ‘Next Generation EU’ recovery funds to research 6G technology, making it the first Andalusian institution and the fifth at national level in terms of the economic endowment received.

The UMA will advance in the sixth generation of mobile connectivity, which will allow higher transmission speeds and even lower latency in connections than that already achieved by 5G, based on the work of two of its most innovative institutes: ITIS, Software Technology and Engineering, and TELMA, Telecommunications, with an allocated budget of 4 million euros and more than 2.4 million, respectively.

Likewise, the E.T.S. in Telecommunications Engineering has also received an economic injection of 250,000 euros for the promotion of its studies, with the aim of raising awareness of the discipline among the population and, in particular, to reach the youngest.