The USAL promotes sustainable teaching and learning in natural spaces with the creation of an ‘Ecological Classroom’ on the Unamuno Campus.
March 1, 2022

The “Aula Ecológica” will be located in the pine forest of Paseo Francisco Tomás y Valiente and will host the teaching of subjects, workshops, congresses and internships of any degree or Master’s degree of the Study

There are many current scientific studies that show the link between learning and natural spaces and that reflect that students who learn in an outdoor space have better results than those who do so inside conventional classrooms. In this sense, the University of Salamanca will promote teaching in a sustainable learning habitat, conscious and inspired by the conservation of nature with the launch of its first “Ecological Classroom” for teaching outdoors in the natural environment located in the pine forest of the Paseo Francisco Tomás y Valiente on the Unamuno Campus.

This initiative is part of the innovation and pedagogical improvement project “Teaching with nature: the Blanca Catalán de Ocón outdoor classroom project”. To prepare this innovative teaching space, the teaching staff, students and technicians involved in the project collaborated to plant various species of plants and and large shrubs for the outdoor enclosure to help suppress and insulate noise from the road.

The coordinators of the project believe that teaching and learning in open and natural spaces facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and improves the physical and mental health of individuals.

Thus, through this new space where “electronics disappear”, the University of Salamanca aims to re-engage students in activities such as listening, writing notes with pen and paper, exchanging arguments and asking questions.