Complutense University of Madrid, in contact with Erasmus students in Russia and neighbouring countries
March 3, 2022

On 1 March the Vice-Rector for International Relations of Complutense University sent a letter by email to Complutense exchange students in Russia.

The Complutense University Board of Trustees is closely monitoring the situation of Spanish students currently in the Russian-Ukrainian countries to ensure that all of them are well and is committed to being available to assist them in case of any need. In the current academic year, there is no such situation in Ukraine, where there are no Complutense exchange students.

In the current academic year, Complutense had five exchange students in Moscow and none in Ukraine. But Complutense also serves nearly 150 past Complutense exchange students in the countries bordering Russia and Ukraine. All of these individuals are currently continuing their academic activities normally and without any problems.