Women Managers: A Vision of Women’s Leadership in Organisations
March 3, 2022

Next week the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies at Complutense University will be celebrating International Women’s Day, an important day for demanding effective equality for women in different areas of society, particularly in the workplace.

The faculty hopes to join in this claim in a positive and special way with its Women’s Week event on Thursday 10 March.

The event, entitled “Women executives: a vision of female leadership in organisations”, will take the form of a symposium, chaired by journalist Gloria Lomana, and will be attended by female executives from different types of organisations: Silvia Roldán (CEO of the Madrid Metro), Olga Rojo (Vice President of the Shiseido Group, Spain), Eva Ivars ( CEO of Alain Afflelou, Spain) and Begoña Gómez (Director of the UCM Special Chair for Social Transformation and Director of the IE Fund Africa Centre).

The participants in this symposium will transmit their most positive and concrete views on the direction of women in business management and development, such as on the difficulties or constraints that still exist for women in companies and the solutions to them, in short, it is a symposium to transmit their own visions and professional experiences in order to help women grow in the business context.

All are welcome to attend this event, which will take place on Thursday 10 March at 12:30 pm in Aula Magna, Aulario, Faculty of Economic and Business Studies.