Manifesto of the Network of Gender Equality Units of Spanish Universities for University Excellence (RUIGEU)
March 7, 2022

RUIGEU ratifies the need to continue to commemorate every 8th March and to fight for effective equality between women and men throughout the year.

Every 8 March, since 1975, when the United Nations declared this date International Women’s Day, it has been commemorated as a day of vindication of women’s rights and equal opportunities between women and men. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted in 2015, considers that achieving equality between women and men, eliminating all inequalities and joining efforts to achieve effective equality in all fields are part of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular number 5: “Gender equality”.

The recent study “Gender pay gap in Spanish public universities”, the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Universities, ANECA and CRUE, reveals the existence of pay gaps in the teaching and research staff and allows us to analyse their causes in order to eliminate them. According to this report, the pay gap is clearly visible in the receipt of allowances, with men having greater access to this income. The possible cause is the lesser exercise of the rights of conciliation and the release of co-responsibility time exercised by men to attend to family care, which is conducive to the development of their professional careers.

On this 8th March, the Equality Units of the universities that make up the Network of Gender Equality Units for University Excellence (RUIGEU), wish to focus their demands on the fight against these inequalities, from the particular innovative role of the Universities, through the necessary implementation of gender studies and the mainstreaming of the gender perspective in teaching, research, transfer and social commitment, as the most powerful ways to raise awareness and prevent discrimination, acting as exemplary institutions of egalitarian coexistence for the rest of the citizenship.