The University of Valladolid Campus in Segovia will host the exhibition ‘Works in the face of oblivion’ until 31 March.
March 8, 2022

The art exhibition “Works in the face of oblivion”, to be organised by Valladolid University on the occasion of International Women’s Day, has a large number of international artists participating in the corresponding initiative.

The art exhibition “Works in the face of oblivion” is a national initiative inviting artists who wish to communicate in order to bring attention to Afghan women, and to women living under the Taliban regime. The proposal was responded to by a number of international artists who offered their work for the exhibition. Most of them are members of the International Association of Women Artists – Empoderarte.

One hundred students from the campus have also joined this initiative and their works can also be seen on the same date on the official campus website, Agora. This public action also collected works and designs by creative artists, which were sent to the ComMujeres project to be exhibited on its social networks @commujeres and @commuejeresdigit.

The exhibition, which was organised on the occasion of #8M International Women’s Day, was inaugurated on Monday 7 March in the campus library and will run until 31 March.