Philosophy and Arts students launch the cultural magazine ‘La Letra’.
March 10, 2022

Literature, film, painting, digital arts and literary creation, among the contents of this new publication

A group of students from the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts has launched a cultural magazine called ‘La Letra’. This publication brings together a wide variety of contents ranging from literature, cinema and painting to digital arts and literary creation.

Published monthly, the magazine aims to bring together unpublished artistic creations, as well as photographs, poems and stories.

This new publication, which already has two issues, is open to the participation of the entire university community. It is directed by Gabriel Pišvejc, who is also responsible for the design, and María Belén Iglesias Sevilla is the deputy editor.

The first issue features on its cover an article dedicated to the figure of Jules Verne, as well as another on the artistic-literary current ‘SteamPunk’. The second issue includes an article on Digital Art, as the birth of a new trend, and an article on the ‘idealisation of the female body since prehistoric times’.

To participate in the contents of this publication, interested people can write an email to the address

Link to the first issue:

Link to the second issue: