March 11, 2022

The documentary “El verano de después” will be shown at the Complutense University of Madrid.

On Monday 14 March, at 11am, the Complutense University of Madrid will be showing in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Information Sciences The documentary “El verano de después”. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

El verano de después’ is a documentary film that shows the plans and concerns of six young Spaniards in the aftermath of the pandemic. Sometimes they have been held responsible for the outbreaks, but they have not been asked how they have lived through it. How has it affected them?

What about issues such as their mental health or job insecurity, and what will happen to their future? This original Playz production features the Alicante artists Funzo & Baby Loud (Adrián and Juan Carlos Gomis), and other young people from different parts of Spain such as Pedro Rodríguez, Ana Farelo, Eva Ruiz and Judith Mayordomo as protagonists. Family, friends, work, commitment, leisure? How have young people experienced this global pandemic?

The event will be free for Complutense students and the public to attend.