The Students’ Building hosts the pilot project for the installation of natural vertical gardens
March 14, 2022

From 10 March, the Students’ Building will host a pilot project for the installation of natural vertical gardens, which, as well as adding beauty to the space, will serve to purify the air.

As the head of the project, Jorge Gómez, explains, it is a participatory project in which the building’s employees and the Complutense community in general are invited not only to plant the species that form part of the garden but also to collaborate in its maintenance. If the experience is positive, it is planned to extend it to many other centres.

For some time now, research has been underway into different ways of introducing biodiversity into buildings, “bringing it to people”, beyond the traditional flowerpots. The vertical garden is one of them.

The choice of the Student Building to develop this pilot installation, where two gardens are being installed, has been made not only to encourage the participation of the university community, but also to try to create a healthier environment in an office space.