The seven honorary presidents of the Constitutional Court engaged in a historic debate
March 17, 2022

The seven presidents emeritus of the Constitutional Court meet in a debate moderated by law dean Ricardo Alonso

Ricardo Alonso, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Complutense University, moderated a historic round table in the Senate, in which the seven emeritus presidents of the Constitutional Court, gathered for the first time in an academic event, discussed the past, present and future of constitutional justice in Spain and the European Union.

The inaugural session of the 12th Ibero-American Meeting on Constitutional Procedural Law, organised by the Ibero-American Institute of the same name together with the Complutense University of Madrid, was held on Wednesday 9 March in the Senate. The conference, which took place in the Senate and the Centre for Constitutional Studies, was attended by researchers from more than a dozen European and Latin American countries.

The holding of the round table moderated by Ricardo Alonso represents a milestone in the development of constitutional justice in our country by allowing for the first time the former presidents of the Constitutional Court, more than forty years after the creation of the Court, to address in an academic event in an atmosphere of reflection, the main milestones of the activity of this body since its foundation, as well as the main challenges for the future of this institution.