The Faculty of Social Sciences mobilises for Ukraine
March 18, 2022

The Faculty of Social Sciences mobilises for Ukraine

17 March afternoon,hundreds of university students, professors and administrative and service staff gathered this midday under the Francisco de Vitoria Library, on the Unamuno Campus, to call for peace in Ukraine and the cessation of the Russian invasion of that country.

In an event organised jointly by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the USAL and the Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León, the university students publicly expressed their solidarity with the Ukrainian people through poetry and music, in an event that could be followed live on Youtube and which had a significant presence on social networks.

The director of the conservatory, María José García, expressed her conviction that “music acts as the universal language of peace”, to bring the message of Salamanca and Castilla y León to that country.

Olga Ivanova, Ukrainian professor of Spanish Language at the University of Salamanca, then read out the academic manifesto in favour of Peace in Ukraine. The event closed with a performance of the “Hymn of Ukraine” by the choir of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León.