María Victoria Atencia, protagonist of Poetry Day
March 23, 2022

María Victoria Atencia, protagonist of Poetry Day.

María Victoria Atencia is a poet who was honoured at this year’s Poetry Day celebrations at the Complutense University of Madrid and has also won the National Prize for Literature. In fact, she has a number of other labels, a member of the Caracola group, a member of Novísimos and an airline pilot, among others. She was also exiled to the countryside during the Spanish Civil War, which led her to spend her childhood in nature, and this affinity with nature flows naturally into her writing.

In her poetry, she draws on the mysticism of San Juan de la Cruz, as well as many other voices such as Góngora and Quevedo. She says that “you read these poems to trigger the resonance of your heart, the beauty of the meeting of your emotions and the time you are in”, and this is where her writing comes from.

The meeting with Maria Victoria Atencia was part of a wide range of activities organised by the Department of Linguistics to celebrate Poetry and Drama Day 2022, which runs from 21 to 25 March.