The UAL creates its Social Short Film Festival
March 28, 2022

The bases of an initiative launched by the teaching innovation group “YouTube as a teaching resource in Social Sciences” to use film language as a teaching tool and to make social inequality visible, aimed only at the university community and which will culminate with a ceremony in the campus Auditorium on 8 April, have been published.

From the teaching innovation group “YouTube as a teaching resource in Social Sciences”, they have organised together with the Secretariat for Teaching Innovation, Virtual Teaching and Teacher Training the first edition of the University of Almeria Social Short Film Festival 2021/2022, with the deadline for receipt of works open until 31 March at 23:59 hours and which to date already has 14 videos from all the degrees of the campus. As a prerequisite, the theme of the videos must be related to social inequality, as stated in the terms and conditions of this initiative, which is aimed exclusively at members of the university community. The final event will take place on the morning of the 8th of April in the Auditorium of the University of Almería, inaugurated by María Angustias Martos, Vice-rector of Academic Organisation, and will consist of the viewing of the short films and the awarding of the prizes.

The aim of the Festival is the ‘use of cinematographic language as a teaching tool and as a didactic resource’ to ‘make social inequality visible’. The jury is made up of Juan Sebastián Fernández, university ombudsman, Pepa Cobo, teacher at the Escuela de Arte de Almería and photographer, and José Cáceres, director of the organising secretariat. The videos to be entered must be original and unpublished, of free genre, whether fiction, documentary or animation, and their duration will be no less than 15 seconds and no more than 7 minutes, in both cases including the header with the title and other infographics in the measurement. The procedure for registration is to upload the short film to the participant’s own YouTube channel and attach the link to the email address together with the basic details of full name, ID number and link to the UAL, indicating, where appropriate, the degree being studied.

Other issues to take into account and that are reflected in the rules are that the short films must be filmed in Spanish, and if there is any part of dialogue in another language it must be subtitled, and that only those works that comply with the rules and meet the minimum requirements of quality and technical conditions will pass to the competition phase. Once selected by the jury, the short films will be published on the YouTube channel, on social media profiles and on the UAL’s own website for dissemination and promotion. The awards ceremony will reward those deemed to be the most outstanding according to their artistic quality, the originality of the audiovisual resources used and the appropriateness of the proposed theme. These will consist of commemorative plaques and computer equipment, with a value of 150 euros for the first, 100 euros for the second and 50 euros for the third.