Universidad de Almería(UAL) Sports adds a fashionable discipline to its range of facilities: pickleball is coming to campus with a bang!
March 28, 2022

It is a sport that has emerged worldwide, combining elements of tennis, guadeloupe, badminton and table tennis, with four regulation courts at the University of Almeria and advocating for consideration in the CCAFD.

In response to its rapid global expansion, Pickleball will continue to exist in the University of Almeria (UAL) sports facilities. It has now expanded to 70 countries with over 5 million players and, according to the sport’s association in the United States, USAPA, its growth rate has been 650% in the last five years. With these figures, the university community is increasingly interested in the practice and sees the option of using it as one of the models to be considered for degrees in physical activity and sports science, and the University of Almeria (UAL) Sports School has created four courts in its outer ring and has acquired the necessary materials to make it another option.

Pedro Núñez is very positive about the introduction of Pickleball to the campus because “thanks to its own characteristics and possibilities, it combines high performance at an advanced level with what interests us most: a healthy, fun and even intergenerational sport that can be enjoyed by any member of the University of Almeria.” This is an innovative, continuously evolving new model for a sport that is associated with a sports degree from a health perspective and a training perspective. Because it combines elements of tennis, racketball, badminton and table tennis, while being less technically demanding, it is a pickleball sport that people of all levels and ages can participate in, which makes it possible for pickleball to be incorporated into physical education disciplines in the future.