I International Congress on Communication and Health
April 6, 2022

I International Congress on Communication and Health (27,28 April,2022)

The I International Congress on Communication and Health is organized in online mode from the Chair of Communication and Health UCM-ABBVIE, which belonging to the Department of Theories and Analysis of Communication of the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University.

The covid-19 pandemic has caused a global crisis, affecting society in all areas. The consequences of the pandemic should help us to consolidate ethical and moral values by applying them to the activities we develop in the health sector. From a rational point of view, communication and everything that has to do with this area has been an opportunity to face and cope with a unique and painful situation. The new information technologies, the detection of fake news or hoaxes, the importance of the technological gap, the increase in the flow of information… have become strengths when before they were barely considered as weaknesses.

The objective of the congress is clear and necessary: to bring together the different transformations that have taken place in society and detect future threats. Digitalization in healthcare, technological advances, information and advertising content must be developed within a framework of union between different sectors and professionals. This is where the I International Congress on Communication and Health (CICyS 2022) aims to bring together the Academy, the Scientific Community and citizens in an event where research and proposals from professionals who seek the welfare, progress and correct transmission of knowledge will be shared.

In a scenario like the current one, it is necessary to define strategies for the improvement of the quality of life at a global level and to define the processes that are developed and that contribute to the communication infrastructure of the Community.

We invite you to share your research and experiences, to create synergies of knowledge in the environments of Health and Communication to add up for a common good.