Inditex will finance the incorporation at the University of A Coruña of fifteen excellent researchers
April 20, 2022

Inditex will finance the incorporation at the University of A Coruña of fifteen excellent researchers with the renewal of the InTalent program

A Coruña, April 20, 2022. – The rector of the University of A Coruña, Julio Abalde, and the CEO of Inditex, Óscar García Maceiras, signed this morning at the UDC Reitoría, the agreement for the creation and implementation of the second edition of the research talent recruitment program InTalent, whereby Inditex will provide a 1.5 million euro grant to the UDC for the incorporation of 15 excellent researchers during the period of validity of the agreement until 2026.

The rector of the UDC thanked Óscar García Maceiras for “Inditex’s support to make this talent recruitment program possible”. A program, he added, that is being copied by other administrations and universities. Abalde also highlighted that InTalent “is also allowing us to establish mechanisms so that this captured talent can be sent to the University of A Coruña”.

On the other hand, the CEO of Inditex thanked the researchers captured in the first edition of InTalent “for their effort and commitment shown in the development of their research; this is the best proof of the success of the agreement initiated some years ago”. “For us, the attributes of these researchers, excellence, commitment and talent, are part of Inditex’s DNA”. García Maceiras also underlined his personal satisfaction with the signing of this agreement because “I studied at the University of Coruña and I have always considered it my home”.

The InTalent program is aimed at researchers of any nationality who want to develop their research activity at the University of Coruña and who have been granted a Ramón y Cajal grant from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The agreement signed this morning, in a public act in which the vice-rector of Science Policy, Research and Transfer, Salvador Naya, was present, aims to increase the research quality of the UDC, as well as to turn it into a pole of attraction for excellent researchers at national and international level, in addition to increasing the funding for research.

Six researchers recruited in the first InTalent edition

The first edition of the program for attracting research talent, InTalent, arose from the agreement signed in October 2016, through which Inditex contributed 1.45 million euros to attract internationally renowned researchers.

The InTalent program allowed the incorporation at the UDC of six high-level researchers, selected among more than 300 applications from all over the world; 194 were from Spain, 35 from the rest of Europe, 31 from America, 30 from Asia and 26 from Africa. Elena Pazos Chantrero, José Antonio Cortés Vázquez, Ana Rey Rico, Jorge Ledo, Mónica Ferrín Pereira and José A. Iglesias Guitián were the researchers selected in the first edition of the InTalent program.

Elena Pazos Chantrero was subsequently awarded one of the most prestigious European grants for excellent science, the Starting Grant of the European Research Council, endowed with 1.5 million euros to develop her research project. The other selected researchers obtained the most prestigious research grant at national level, the Ramón y Cajal, from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The success achieved by the six InTalent researchers brought the University of A Coruña over seven million euros in direct funding and performance indicators, which implies a return of five euros for every euro invested in the program.

This program also had an internal effect causing a revulsive in the attraction of talent and in the research of the UDC which doubled the number of applications from researchers to the calls for excellent science. The UDC, as a complementary action of InTalent, created its own specific program “Berce” to support Ramón y Cajal researchers who choose the UDC as a university to develop their research project. In 2015, the UDC had only one Ramón y Cajal researcher; this year it has 16 active contracts. In addition, the UDC has set up a specific stabilization program to reinstate researchers with an excellent profile.

Inditex sponsorship at the UDC

The sponsorship of the company Inditex at the University of A Coruña is in addition to other academic initiatives, such as the inMOTION program of grants for pre-doctoral stays Inditex-UDC, the Inditex-UDC Chair of Sustainability and the Inditex Chair of Spanish Language and Culture at the University of Dhaka (the latter in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela).