The University of Almeria will create its new Permanent Seminar on the Mediterranean Diet together with RAMAO.
April 20, 2022

Both parties have signed the agreement that gives shape to the realization of research, training, knowledge transfer and dissemination activities in this area, resulting in the ‘health promotion’ of the Strategic Plan of the UAL.

Last November, taking advantage of the framework of its World Day, the Rector inaugurated a joint event with the Andalusian Government and the RAMAO in which the province of Almeria was supported as the ‘gateway’ of the Mediterranean Diet, and recalled the consolidated trajectory of this institution in this regard: “We have been working for years and in a cross-cutting manner in a multidimensional approach, in which food, and especially the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet, is the axis on which different lines of intervention are articulated”. Only a few months later, this commitment has been consolidated through the creation of the new Permanent Seminar dedicated to it, which is already a reality under an agreement signed on Tuesday April 19 by the rector of the UAL and Armando Zuloga, president of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Eastern Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla (RAMAO) and president of the RAMAO Foundation.

The University of Almeria and the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Eastern Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla have agreed on the “special significance and relevance of research, education and dissemination of the Mediterranean diet for the promotion of health at national and international level”. In addition, the creation of this seminar “is a good guarantee to carry out the objectives of the Strategic Plan of the University of Almeria referred to edit and publish relevant works in relation to this subject, develop teaching and research projects, organize postgraduate and specialization courses and organize congresses, seminars, study days, lecture series and summer courses”.

That is why this agreement of great interest to both parties has been signed, giving rise to the birth of the Permanent Seminar of the Mediterranean Diet at the University of Almeria. It is part of the academic scope of the Vice-rectorate of Postgraduate Studies, Employability and Relations with Companies and Institutions. The “field of Healthy Life” is included, more general, within the subjects that will be addressed and linked to this eating habit, something that Carmelo Rodriguez already emphasized at the time: “This diet is directly related to the prevention of the most important diseases that exist today and others whose incidence, unfortunately, continues to increase among the population, such as diabetes, obesity or cancer, the epidemics of the XXI century”.

Regarding its operation, the seminar will be located in the facilities of the University of Almeria and, together with its management team, will have an Advisory Council. This will be made up of five members from the UAL and another five from the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Eastern Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla. The management “will elaborate at the beginning of each academic year an annual plan of activities to be developed during the same”, and “at the end of the period, a report will be made”. In any case, the text includes the guideline that this permanent seminar will be able to carry out research, knowledge transfer, training and dissemination activities in matters within its field of study”. According to the rector, this initiative is part of the aspiration to “convert the campus into an environment with spaces and infrastructures that facilitate the promotion of knowledge and skills so that students and workers acquire life habits that have a positive impact on their health”