UCM Literature Week, a celebration of humanistic education
April 20, 2022

UCM Literature Week, a celebration of humanistic education

The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Culture, Sports and University Extension, the Faculties of Philology, Documentation Sciences, Geography and History and Information Sciences, the Historical Library, the Madrid Theater Institute and the Universidad Para Mayores will be celebrating, from April 19 to 22, the Semana de las Letras UCM 2022 (UCM Letters Week 2022). At the opening ceremony of the Week, held at the Faculty of Philology, Dean Eugenio Luján assured that this is “one of the most important weeks of the academic year, organized around April 23, where literature, creation and the humanities are commemorated; it is a vindication of humanist education, fundamental for personal development”.

The Faculty of Philology stands out, throughout this week, for the number of activities it is organizing, including a tribute to the Cervantes Prize winner, Cristina Peri Rossi; a book market; a short story contest in Korean; a Cervantes walk through the Barrio de las Letras; a reading of short stories in Portuguese; the presentation of the Complutense Poetry and Narrative Awards, or a conversation-homage with the poet Luis Alberto de Cuenca.

Both the dean, Eugenio Luján, and the vice-dean of Library, Culture and Institutional Relations, José Manuel Lucía Megías, recalled that De Cuenca began his career as a student of Philosophy and Letters in 1968, in this same Faculty, and that, since then, “he has always been generous to our call”. In addition to the talk with the writer, a selection of his poems has been published, with the title El mañana, el ayer, el siempre, el hoy, which has been given as a gift to those attending the talk.

In it, Luis Alberto de Cuenca recalled the first year he studied at this Faculty, after another year at the Faculty of Law, and how he shared a classroom with people who would later become famous as the writer Luis Antonio de Villena and the film director Agustín Díaz Yanes. He also remembered some of his teachers, such as Julio Valdeón, Julio Martínez Santa-Olalla, Margarita Bru, Manuel Fernández-Galiano and Millán Bravo Lozano.

Among the many initiatives of the Week, the literary contests stand out for their number. Thus, the Faculty of Documentation Sciences is organizing its 18th edition of The Library of Babel; the University for Older Adults is presenting the 1st International Hyperbrief Story Contest and the second edition of the International Sonnet Contest, and in the Faculty of Philology we will be able to listen to Carlos Maortua Langdon and Juan Herrero Diéguez, who won the Complutense Literature Prize 2021 in the categories of narrative and poetry, respectively.

In addition, on Friday, April 22, at 12:30 pm in the auditorium of the Faculties of Philology and Philosophy, and enlivened by the string quartet of the UCM Symphony Orchestra, we will know the winners of the Complutense Prize for Literature 2022.