4R Young and Sustainable Campus
April 21, 2022

On Thursday, April 21, from 16:00 to 18:30, in the Blue Room of the Faculty of Information Sciences, a conference will be held to discuss sustainability and the 4R Young Campus initiative.

The 4R Young and Sustainable Campus strategy promoted by the Complutense University of Madrid in collaboration with the Business Forum for Madrid City Council aims to reduce and collect, to greet life and not abandon waste, to care for and respect the campus and the city, to enjoy and preserve the university squares and gardens.

This initiative is part of the actions to keep our campuses clean and raise awareness of the effect that our activities have on the environment, especially in terms of waste generation.

We are all clear about what not to do, but there is still an open debate about how much is expected of us and how we can change our most polluting habits for others. What society we want to move towards and how much effort we are willing to make in order to slow down or even prevent climate change. Time is running out and society is not yet committed.

This discussion has more ambitious and more conservative visions. The more conservative visions call for patience and hope that a solution will emerge that will fix the problem without changing much ourselves. The more ambitious ones promote the search for different models of society, for example, models that truly adopt a realistic 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goals or proactively implement the Milan Pact. In all these goals, waste generation is present as a witness to the excesses we commit.

To discuss all these issues, we have invited several people who are known for their activity as content creators, with a strong scientific and popularizing character. We will count with the participation of QuantumFracture, Schrödinger’s cat, Climabar, and Chincheto from L3TCRAFT.

Having a large audience is a great responsibility. What message is conveyed and what effects, positive ones, it may have are questions that will be discussed at the table. Or maybe the audience doesn’t need to be convinced because it already is. In that case, what else can we do, and for the unconvinced, how do we attract them?

More information on the conference, including a registration form, is available at https://www.ucm.es/sostenibilidad/jornadas-4r-campus-joven-y-sostenible-.