The Classroom Fair and the Science Fair of the University of Almeria will be held together
April 27, 2022

The Classroom Fair and the Science Fair of the University of Almeria will be held together on May 4 and 5

These two events of great importance for the University of Almeria will coincide after having moved the Feria Aula scheduled from April to May. Both will be held in the city center.

The city of Almeria will host on May 4 and 5, in the Paseo de Almeria, the second editions of the Feria Aula Almeria and the Science Fair. The University of Almeria and the Territorial Delegation of Education join forces to respond to the need of young people from Almeria to be informed and guided in relation to their academic and professional development, in order to properly make the choices that allow them to build a personal project for the future. In this sense, Feria Aula Almeria will be a showcase in which the University of Almeria will seek to attract talented people: future university students. It will be the first edition in face-to-face format, after last year’s virtual edition. This represents a qualitative leap and a commitment to proximity to students and their families.

“Under the slogan ‘Build your future’, this fair was born last year with the mission of improving the relationship between the University of Almeria and future students, helping them to find the way to their studies and their future profession”, as highlighted by the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Planning and Faculty of the UAL, José Joaquín Céspedes, on the day of its presentation.

This second edition will present both the offer of Formative Cycles of Middle and Higher Degrees and the different university degrees that young people from the province of Almeria can study, without forgetting other professional options in the State Security Forces and Corps.

The Classroom Fair is especially aimed at students in 4th of E.S.O and 1st of Bachillerato who are in a decisive moment, as they have to choose itinerary or branch of knowledge in which to train to access their professional future.

Feria Aula is also a meeting place between schools, the University and the general public, through 22 exhibitors: 10 of the UAL with the offer of undergraduate degrees and complementary activities and services; 10 of the Delegation of Education with the offer of training cycles, as well as 2 common stands for other training activities in the province and sponsoring entities of the fair. Next to the stands there will be two outdoor spaces for workshops and activities. A tent will be set up in the Patio de los Naranjos of the Government Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía. Likewise, the series of talks and conferences will be held in the hall of the Delegation of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Almería.

In this showcase the University of Almeria will display its 30 undergraduate degrees and 5 double degrees, plus an international double degree. An offer, which next year will include novelties such as the Degree in Medicine, the Double Degree in Economics and Mathematics and the Double Degree in History and Humanities.

Attendees will also be able to find out about scholarship and grant programs, cultural activities, national and international mobility, continuing education programs, internships, and everything related to the university entrance process. In addition, there will be open talks related to higher and professional training and an academic guidance line will be available to provide free personalized attention to families who wish to request specific information on the situation of their children in relation to the different educational options.

For his part, the territorial delegate of Education and Sport, Antonio Jimenez, stressed the day of the presentation of the two events that this meeting “helps our students in making decisions about their academic future, offering a clear and close way what are all the training options that can be accessed in our province”. Jimenez insisted that “the Classroom Fair includes both the educational offer and detailed information that both our students and their families need, to know what are the different academic pathways and career opportunities of non-compulsory education in the province of Almeria“.

As for the II Science Fair, it will be a meeting point where universities, companies, researchers and educational centers will coincide with a common goal: the exchange, dissemination and communication of scientific knowledge. It will have 10 exhibitors and a tent in Villaespesa Poet Street.

The fair is open to the whole society, but the students of Primary Education and Secondary Education of the province will be the protagonists because they will present in the different stands both activities and classroom experiences, as well as the main results of different research projects they have carried out in recent months.

In relation to these research projects, the Vice Chancellor José Joaquín Céspedes has pointed out that “the UAL collaborates with 28 projects that it is developing with different educational centers in several sessions to then expose the results at the Fair. The topics are very varied, from solar water treatment, market marketing, antibiotics, data processing, to research projects on machine vision and robotics”. Thus, and as a complementary activity to this II Science Fair, from April 20 to May 20 will remain exposed in the Plaza del Educador posters of the projects carried out jointly between researchers from the UAL and different schools in Almería and province.

The delegate of Education insists that “the importance of the exchange of experiences among all participants, the dissemination and communication of knowledge of the different areas will be visible having the students of Primary and Secondary Education as science disseminator”.

For his part, the director of the Almería area of Cajamar, José Antonio Picón, stressed the importance of training and qualification of young people for the future of Almería, and hence the commitment of Cajamar and its support for the initiatives and activities of the University of Almería. “The II Feria Aula Almería is a great opportunity for our young people to access the information they need to decide their professional future, while the II Feria de la Ciencia is a window to learn about the role of research and scientific activity in our society,” explains Picón.