The Consortium of the University City of Madrid has organized a Sustainable Mobility Day
May 5, 2022

The Consortium of the University City of Madrid – which includes the Complutense University of Madrid, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the National Distance Education University – has organized a Sustainable Mobility Day, which took place on May 4, in the Assembly Hall of the UCM Student Building (University City).

The meeting includes a theoretical-practical program with experiential activities for all campus users. Thus, a rollover simulator will be used to raise awareness of the benefits of seat belts; a circuit with virtual reality goggles to show the effects of alcohol on mobility; scooters will be used to raise awareness that they are not a toy and to teach good practices in their use; electric scooters will be used to learn about their sustainability; the car sharing initiative #ciucompartecoche will be presented, etc. These practices will be carried out by companies such as Fesvial, Fundación CNAE, Acciona, Voi and Hoop Carpool, and will take place on the esplanades of the Student Building and the Faculty of Medicine UCM.

The opening of the conference will be attended by José de Frutos Vaquerizo, manager of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Consortium of the Urban City of Madrid; Rosa Martín Aranda, vice-rector of the UNED and representative of the Consortium; María José Aparicio Sanchiz, deputy general director of Training and Road Safety Education of the General Directorate of Traffic; Lola Ortiz Sánchez, general director of Mobility Planning and Infrastructures of the Madrid City Council; and Luis Miguel Martínez Palancia, manager of the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid. An inaugural conference on Sustainable mobility, new forms of mobility, will be given by Javier Gutiérrez Puebla, professor of Human Geography at the UCM.

This will be followed by a round table discussion on Shared mobility services and mobility as a service (MaaS – Mobility as a Service), with the participation of: Andrés Monzón, Professor of Transport at the UPM; Francisco Javier Gómez, Director of Strategic Planning and Operation of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium; Helena Fernández, Institutional Relations Manager at Acciona Movilidad; Carlos Alonso, CTO of Hoop Carpool; and Álvaro Rodríguez, Senior Public Policy Manager at Voi España.

The round table will include the participation of public bike-sharing services: BICIMAD: Gustavo Romanillos, urban architect and PhD in Geography from the UCM; David Lois, professor of the Department of Social Psychology and Organizations of the UNED; Carlos Mateo, director of Mobility of EMT; and Daniela Arias Molinares, UCM student and Bicimad user.

This conference will be closed by Joaquín Goyache, rector of the Complutense University of Madrid; Jorge Gómez, vice-rector of Technology and Sustainability of the UCM, and Juncal González Soriano, delegate of the rector for the Consortium of the University City of Madrid. All of them will take stock of the efficient and sustainable ideas and projects undertaken to improve mobility in the University City.