UAL and Roquetas City Council sign a grant agreement for the University for Older Adults.
May 27, 2022

The 35,000 euros granted by the City Council to the University of Almeria will be used to cover personnel expenses.

The University of Almeria and the City Council of Roquetas de Mar have renewed the collaboration agreement for the continuity of the Senior University program. The total amount of the grant awarded amounts to the amount of 35,000 euros, which will go to cover the costs of the Senior University Program, being provided for in the bases of execution of the budget 2022 and Strategic Plan of Subsidies of the City of Roquetas de Mar.

The rector of the UAL, Carmelo Rodriguez, thanked “the intense collaboration that maintains the City of Roquetas de Mar with the University of Almeria in many fields and, in particular, in such an important aspect as the agreement that we have just renewed the University of Seniors”.

In this sense, he has expressed that the headquarters of Roquetas de Mar is as much a headquarters as that of Almeria. “We were pioneers in the training of older people, but also in improving their quality of life and social development with the workshops and activities that are carried out. A University for the Elderly which, like the whole of society, has been weighed down in times of pandemic, but despite this, and despite reducing places as a precaution during this academic year, it has been perfectly able to develop successfully. We hope that next year we will be able to return to full capacity. We would be talking about almost 700 people throughout the province participating in the Senior Program.”

The Mayor of Roquetas de Mar, Gabriel Amat, has highlighted the importance of renewing this agreement that shows how relevant it is that this municipality and the University of Almeria continue to work together to facilitate access to education to society in general. “But in addition, this type of program offers the opportunity for our seniors to expand their training and not give up knowledge regardless of age. The University of Seniors is not only a learning classroom but becomes a space for participation, discussion and enjoyment that undoubtedly contributes to improving the quality of life, full and healthy of the elderly, which goes beyond the academic content, “emphasizes Amat.

The mayor, has also taken the opportunity to thank the rector for the good work done for the UAL to have the next curos with the Degree of Medicine. “It is something long awaited by the whole province.  Now that we are building the hospital in Roquetas it is important news to have this career because many doctors are needed. We are pleased to contribute to improving the health of the province in two years when the hospital is completed since it will have a significant number of medical professionals.”

On this matter, the Rector pointed out that “Medicine is a degree that will be a qualitative leap for the University of Almeria, for the province and for our hospitals. We already have two university hospitals, in Almeria and Poniente, and we hope that in a few years we will be able to have a third one in Roquetas de Mar”.