The UAL Botanical Garden is included in the Association of Botanical Gardens of Ibero-Macaronisia
June 15, 2022

The University of Almeria participated in the Sixteenth AIMJB Congress (Association of Botanical Gardens of Ibero-Macaronisica), held in Madrid from 7 to 10 June, under the slogan “Botanical Gardens in the Face of Global Change”, which brought together experts from such gardens to share knowledge, propose and discuss new methods and practices that will enable them to adapt to and overcome the immediate threats of climate change, without forgetting to disseminate knowledge to society and education for a new generation.

Within the framework of this congress, on 9 June, during the congress held by the AIMHB Association, the inclusion of the Botanical Garden of the University of Almeria in the association was approved. Carmelo Rodríguez, president of the University of Almeria, expressed support for the decision.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Almeria took the opportunity to present itself to other members at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid. During this period, it was explained that due to the semi-arid climate to Almeria, the botanical gardens of UAL consisted of gardens of different sizes dedicated to the study, conservation, teaching and dissemination of flora.

The Botanical Garden consists of low-rise buildings and numerous green spaces. Most of these spaces are landscaped by ornamental species, however, since 2016, the newly created spaces have been designed by the Centre for The Study of Scientific Collections of the University of Almeria (CECOUAL). They are designing each place according to the theme of each garden and the message they want to convey.

One of the more prominent themes is called the Mathematician’s Garden, which is not only a garden where you can enjoy the sublimation of sight, smell, and touch, but also an interactive space. Being inside contributes to the development of the intellect, can better face challenges, promote mental agility, strengthen logical skills, and teach everyone to think about nature from a new perspective.

The first Botanical Garden in relation with mathematics’ concepts.