First ACEDE prize at the Economics Olympiad for the team presented by the University of Almería
July 1, 2022

The thirteenth edition of the Economics Olympiad has brought a magnificent result to Almería, as two young secondary school students have won first prize in the national phase in the team category. They are Adrián Gutiérrez Maldonado, from the IES Valle del Andarax, and Fernando Fernández de Bobadilla Bolea, from the IES Celia Viñas. Both have emerged winners by virtue of the joint average grade they have obtained in the tests carried out between the past 20 and 22 at the Pablo de Olavide University, the venue for this 2022 national phase. In addition, in the individual category, Adrián Gutiérrez himself won the ninth prize, completing a brilliant performance by the students presented by the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Almería.

Three awards have been given for teams, first, second and third position, bearing the name of ACEDE as they are sponsored by the Scientific Association of Economics and Business Management, while there are ten individual ones, sponsored by the own Association of the Economics Olympics. Unfortunately, this year the decision has been made not to hold the International Phase for various reasons, which will prevent the couple from Almeria from competing against teams from other countries. In any case, the entire route completed until obtaining the first ACEDE Prize has served to demonstrate his talent, since, not in vain, it should be remembered that the Economics Olympiad consists of two phases prior to this international contest, the local and the national .

The event as a whole is “an academic and educational contest whose main objective is to encourage and promote studies in Economics and Business, rewarding effort for academic excellence.” In pursuit of this, the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of each university “organizes and carries out the Local Phase by conducting a test in which 2nd year Baccalaureate students who are compulsorily taking the subject of Economics or Business Economics participate. ”. Those registered are previously selected by their centers and later each Faculty determines the three best tests carried out in the Local Phase. These students are the ones who compete in the National Phase, “by carrying out a new test” whose result counts not only individually, but also by university adding those of all its representatives.

The organization of the Local Phase supposes for the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the UAL “to promote vocations in Economics and Business, as well as to establish stable links between the faculty, the Secondary Education centers, the Baccalaureate teaching staff and the interested students in these matters”. Beyond this, “having obtained the first prize in the category of best team presented and the ninth prize in the individual category means recognition for the quality of teaching for this faculty and for the Secondary Education centers.” Of course, the most important thing of all is that “for the students it is a recognition that will be part of their record, as well as an important motivation to continue with their training, to which the economic prize is added”. The Olympiad of Economics will return to the UAL in March 2023, the year in which the national phase will be held in June again, this time organized by the University of Seville, pending whether or not the international phase will be recovered.