30 master’s degrees from Complutense university, among the top 5 positions, and 10 in first place, according to the ranking of 250 master’s degrees in El Mundo
July 13, 2022

The newspaper El Mundo has published its annual guide to the best 250 master’s degrees in Spain in 2022. A ranking that analyzes and classifies the best postgraduate studies in 50 specialties. Among the 25 criteria used by El Mundo for the classifications, are included: the demand for the master’s degree, the value for money, the collaborating entities, the prestige of the teaching staff, the study plan, the material means and the labor insertion of the graduates.

The highlight is that if in 2021 28 UCM master’s degrees were among the top 5 positions -of which 9 were in first place in their respective category-, in the 2022 edition there are 30 UCM master’s degrees that are among the top 5 positions and 10 those located in the first place.  Of these 10 master’s degrees, 7 of them repeat first position, 6 are official and 4 own master’s degrees.

UCM master’s degrees that occupy the first position in their category (2022 edition of EL MUNDO)

Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry (UAM – UCM (Faculty of Chemistry)

Master’s degree in Government and Public Administration (Faculty of Political Science and Sociology UCM)           

Own Master in Audiovisual Production (Faculty of Information Sciences UCM)

Master’s degree in Teacher Training (Faculty of Education UCM)                     

Master’s degree in Contemporary Art History (Faculty of Geography and History UCM) – UAM – MR Sofía

Master’s degree in Museums and Heritage (Faculty of Geography and History UCM)

Master’s degree in Animal Production and Health (UCM Veterinary School)

Own Master in Oral and Occlusion Prosthetics (Faculty of Dentistry UCM)

Own Master in Emotional Intelligence (Faculty of Psychology UCM)                    

Own master’s in emergency medicine (Faculty of Medicine UCM)       

List of master’s degrees from Complutense ranked between second and fifth place:

2nd place master’s in advertising management UCM

2nd place master in Spanish French Applied French Language (UCM – Sorbonne)

2nd place Master in Ecosystem Restoration (UAH-UCM-UPM-URJC)

2nd place Master in Drug Discovery (UCM – UAH – CEU)

3rd place Master in Periodontics UCM

3rd place master’s in business and Cultural Institutions UCM

3rd place Master in Protected Natural Areas (UAM-UCM-UAH-FUNGOBE)

3rd place Master Special Education UCM

3rd place ABC Master (ABC-UCM Newspaper)

4th place Master in Virology UCM

4th place master’s in mathematical engineering UCM

4th place the Master in Mediation and Conflict Management UCM

4th place master’s in business finance UCM

4th place master’s in history and Sciences of Antiquity (UCM – UAM)

4th place Master in Internet of Things UCM

4th place Master in Strategies for Development (UCM-UPM)

5th place Master in Genetics and Cell Biology (UAM-UCM-UAH)

5th place Master in English Linguistics UCM

5th place Master in Ecology (UAM-UCM)

5th place Master Radio Nacional de España (RNE-UCM)