Line 7B of the Madrid Metro will be cut between San Fernando and Hospital del Henares from Wednesday, August 24
August 31, 2022

Line 7B of the Madrid Metro will be partially closed for works starting next Wednesday, August 24, for an undetermined period. The interruption of the train service will affect the section between the San Fernando and Hospital del Henares stations and there will be a special bus service, at no additional cost to passengers, that will cover the route.

In the Ministry of Transport, they point out that they are going to proceed to “strengthen the infrastructure and the land to ensure its stability and solve the problems due to water leaks”. “The latest reports prepared by the technicians have advised to carry out a preventive closure to undertake the necessary repair work as soon as possible,” they stress.

This new partial closure – advanced by EL MUNDO at the beginning of August – is the ninth that the extension to the east of Line 7 of the underground has suffered since its inauguration 15 years ago. Although its duration has not been officially specified, the Community of Madrid has contracted the alternative bus service for 122 days -around four months- extendable for another equal period.

The mayor of San Fernando de Henares, Javier Corpa, denounces that, “unfortunately, none of the eight previous closures has solved the problem” and that “the situation is getting worse,” reports Efe. «Today the reality is more than worrying, with three single-family homes demolished, a building demolished, 50 families out of their homes, 200 homes affected , the official language school has been taken out of the city; the adult school, the El Tambor nursery school, the Department of Education and the women’s house have moved to other locations; the youth center The Laboratory and the exhibition hall are closed and numerous public spaces are damaged… », the councilor lists.

In turn, the spokesman for the affected citizens, Juan Fuentes, regrets having learned of the closure through the press and that there has been no coordination with the residents, when the closure was expected for September. «It was to be expected seeing the situation of Metro and seeing the botched work that was done in its day, but it supposes a detriment and an absolute ignorance. We are not only concerned about transportation, but there are neighbors who do not have a housing alternative due to the affected homes », he warns.

The expansion of Line 7 was inaugurated by Esperanza Aguirre in 2007, coinciding with an election year, and since then the approximately 6.5 kilometers of new route and the seven stops that make up the so-called East Metro have registered multiple incidents. The Community of Madrid has had to invest more than 22 million euros in works to inject concrete into the ground, waterproof the tunnel and fix cracks in adjoining homes.