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The brand story of ELLE

On November 21st, 1945, the Russian-born, Paris-raised Hélène Lazareff launched a modern women’s magazine that would become a staple in every woman’s home in France, and later, around the world. This magazine is “ELLE”. Inspired by her time spent in New York during World War II working as a journalist for major media titles, Lazareff began to develop her own concept for a women’s magazine whose key editorial approach was to provide women with exclusive and unparalleled access to fashion and beauty, while maintaining a closeness to its readers. She considered women to be actors in society’s evolution, motivating them to invest themselves in key issues.

Today, “ELLE” is one of the most influential fashion and lifestyle magazines in the world, with 45 editions, more than 21 million readers and more than 100 million website visits per month.

ELLE Education, your fashion management mentor

Just as ELLE is endowed with the rise of female spiritual power, ELLE Education is also born in response to the strong needs of today’s fashion students. With the mission of “becoming your fashion management mentor”, for ten years, ELLE Education has been providing students with high-quality education projects, continuously paying attention to the innovation and the latest development trends in the industry and summing up the ELLE magazine years of experience for everyone with professional knowledge in the field of fashion management, we hope to cultivate the most professional fashion talents. Today, ELLE Education has grown into a community of more than 9,000 students, as well as countless outstanding tutors in the fashion management industry.

GEC and ELLE EDUCATION have become long-term and in-depth cooperation partners

GEC and ELLE EDUCATION have become long-term in-depth cooperation partners. From the establishment of the ELLE EDUCATION online college to the optimization of target courses and the promotion of courses, GEC is one of the most important participants in the college organization. As the only officially designated partner in Asia, GEC will represent ELLLE EDUCATION in enrolling students for the online courses.

There are four types of courses for you to choose in Elle Education:

Master Program

Fashion marketing is learning marketing theory in the context of the fashion industry, including brand value, consumer demand, marketing communication, tool analysis, business strategy and so on.

Course Catalogue

  • fashion brands
  • business strategy
  • marketing
  • fashion communication
  • metrics
  • master’s thesis defense


The program is designed to adapt to your schedule and your rhythm of life. Master’s program has a 12-month courses, in which you will enjoy lectures, guest speakers’ masterclasses, live sessions, webinars and streaming sessions. Master programs have 60 ECTS and are admitted by the Complutense University of Madrid. After graduating from these courses, you will receive a master’s degree certificate issued by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Diploma Course

All diploma courses have a virtual campus system online, where you can see a calendar of course activities, download document of courses, video courses, submit assignments and tests, browse the online library, forums to share information and opinions with tutors and classmates, and online communication.

This course is fully followed your pace of life. You can complete one or more courses at the same time. The duration of the short-term course is 6 months. Your tutor will be at your service at any time and guide you on how to complete the course.

After graduating from these courses, you will receive a diploma certificate issued by the Complutense University of Madrid.

To work in the fashion industry, we provided the global perspective, and learn how to develop a successful marketing strategy and communication skill. You will learn how to cooperate with public media, how to guide public relationship, how to manage fashion events and become a leader in the fashion industry.

Course Catalogue

  • The History of Fashion
  • The Analyze of Consumer
  • Fashion Marketing & Luxury Brands
  • Fashion Communication
  • Public Relationships and Professional media

The current fashion industry needs more diversified visual marketing methods. Consumers’ intuitive perception and visual impact will affect brand impressions and purchase decisions. Visual marketing display and fashion style management nowadays are more and more focus on sensory experience. Guided by the professional persons in fashion industry, you will learn the techniques and strategies of visual marketing and showcases decoration; you will understand the different styling applications of various fashion products: e-commerce, publications, television, and advertising, etc.

Course Catalogue

  • Introduction of the Fashion World
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Showcases decoration
  • Styling Basics
  • Styling Application
  • Image Consulting and Coolhunting

Interior design and decoration have become an art. These sectors are acquiring more relevance in our society and experiencing a significant growth rate. To work within the interior design industry, it is essential to know the fundamental pillars of the sector, its nature, and particularities as well as to obtain a complete view of the environment. This diploma course will give you a global vision of the industry and all the facts needed to create a successful interior design project. Acquire concepts on lighting, materials, how to organize interior spaces, and make your mark in the industry.

Course Catalogue

  • The History of Interior Design
  • Interior Space
  • Construction
  • Decoration
  • Landscaping Design
  • Designing Project

Short Term Course

If you wish to get a more profound understanding of this subject, but your time is not enough, then the short-term course must be an excellent choice for you. All levels of graduates are welcome to learn knowledge of fields like fashion, interior design, and innovation through our short-term course. By taking these two months courses, you will have a more profound understanding of the fields you’re interested in. After finishing the courses, you’ll receive a certification from Midway Education Centre and Elle Education and European Education Center Mindway.

All the short-term courses have their virtual campus. You can find activity calendars, download learning materials, upload assignments, take exams, browse the library, share opinions with teachers or classmates in the forum.

Image Consultants and personal shoppers need to have to ability to analyse the clients’ body types and needs; also, they must know how to represent the clients’ best image, therefore making the shopping plan combing budget given by clients.

Course Catalogue
  • Image Consultant
  • Personal Shopper
  • Coaching
In this short course, you will learn how to create a solid business model for any company. The communications and marketing plans will play an essential role in making a reliable and enduring brand. This course is perfect as the complement of other short courses.

Course Catalogue
  • Brand and Business Model
  • Design Process and Product Production
  • Launching and Communication of the Brand
Are you a skilled multitasker? Do you have an eye for detail? Are you a creative thinker? Get acquainted with the different areas of the event production planning and learn what it takes to be an Event Producer.

Course Catalogue
  • The Events Industry
  • Event Production Areas
  • Live Event Day and Post-Production Phase
  • Production Budget & Fees
  • Technology and the Future of Events
Are you creative? Imaginative? Do you like to solve problems? Product Design is the path for you. Learn how to read the customers and create solutions for their problems through your products.

Course Catalogue
  • Introduction to Product Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Digital Technology
  • Graphic Representation
Do you want to lead in your career? Business knowledge is essential to succeed! Master the most up-to-date techniques of business management to reach and go beyond business goals. Gain all of the knowledge required to manage uncertainty, and human capital.

Course Catalogue
  • Stakeholder Management: Relationship and Influence
  • Planning and KPI (Key Performance Indicators): Aligning Ideas Within Goals
  • Uncertainty and Crisis Management: How to Address Agility and Flexibility
  • Managing People and Teams

Open Courses

If you wish to get a more profound understanding of this subject, but your time is not enough, then the short-term course must be an excellent choice for you. All levels of graduates are welcome to learn knowledge of various fields through our open courses. You only need to finish these ten to twenty hours courses; you will have a more profound understanding of the fields you’re interested in. After completing the courses, you’ll receive a certification from Elle Education and European Education Center Mindway.

This course’s learning object is relevant knowledge in visual communication and “read” or analysing images. Despite using and explaining references, you will also learn the research methodology and how to build your very own “visual vocabularies”. You will know how to respond to the core knowledge of editors or client briefs, as well as the examples of professional mood boards. Also, you will learn about art directing.

Course Catalogue

  • Visual Vocabularies
  • Reference consulting
  • Brief responding
  • Visual communication and art direction

The course is designed for people considering opening a pop-up store or those who hope to have a carrier in visual marketing. The students will create the pop-up stores they choose, and it could be a 3D model or a digital designed brand activity that happens along with the opening of the shop.

Course Catalogue

  • The advantages of pop-up stores
  • Decoration of display windows
  • Interior designs for pop-up stores
  • Graduation design-create your pop-up store

By learning this course, the students will know the specific knowledge and professional skills to understand and practice sustainability as the fashion and luxury industry engine. Nowadays, sustainability is leading the fashion and luxury industry in a particular direction. This course aims to explain the following questions: What are the new business views sustain abilities have brought us? How to equip sustain abilities into sound company management? What is a recycled economy, and how to explain it with sustainability? Why has recycling become a new trend? Is it possible to combine it with innovation? How will sustainability and technology be so powerful combination, and how to strengthen it in the future? By learning and case studies, the students will be able to answer all the questions above.

Course Catalogue

  • The evolve of sustainability: The origin and way forward.
  • Sustainability and recycled economy: The ideas, forms, soul, and business.
  • The business of sustainability in fashion and luxury industry: Unique soft power.
  • Ethical business mode and sustainability: Building the future.
  • Sustainability and fashion industry: Case studies of industry leaders.

You will learn how to build profound client profiles and create a personal and efficient way of communication. You will know how to make a brand strategy based on the behaviours of customers. The course will develop innovative and exciting customer experiences both on physical and virtual channels by exploring using emotions and senses.

Course Catalogue

  • Customer segments: personalities and basic need
  • The control of trace, ego, and self-esteem.
  • Inspiration
  • How do we connect ourselves with the brand
  • Characteristics and the customers-brand relationships
  • The truth, loyalty of the brand and its community
  • Customer experience
  • How to create the in-shop experience from strategy
  • Online customer experience
  • Linguistics, memory, and gestalt psychology.

Becoming a fashion designer will face many challenges; to evade them, what digital tools and strategies do you need in your plan?

Course Catalogue

1. Design
  • Fabrication of Reality in Media
  • From Concept to Consumer Design Workflow
2. Develop
  • The 5 Types of 3D Avatars
  • First steps to 3D – Simple Fundamentals:
    • How to virtually model a garment
    • How to texture virtual garments
    • How to make models walk and dance
    • How to create studio lighting
    • How to produce the final foto’s
3. Present
  • Virtual Bespoke Rooms:
    • Physical Meet Virtual Showrooms
    • Retail Space and Presentation
  • Tapping Into The Future of Reality:
    • Value in Virtual Reality
    • Value in Augmented Reality
4. Shift Towards Circular Fashion

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