International Congress
April 22, 2022

International Congress: One Hundred Years after Ortega y Gasset’s Invertebrate Spain: the responsibility of philosophy today.

Organized by the Faculty of Philosophy of UCM and the Center for Orteguian Studies. Located at FACULTY OF PHILOSOPHY, PLAZA MENÉNDEZ PELAYO, MADRID, SPAIN

Within Ortega’s oeuvre, España invertebrada represents an effort of global interpretation of Spanish society in the last century. It is a widely read and influential book in the political discussion of the day and its repercussion reaches the political debates of the present time. In the evolution of the thinker’s thought and with respect to his previous work, it constitutes a sustained attempt to maintain a philosophical reflection on the Spain of the moment, refining the meaning of concepts such as life, program, nation, duty to be, history, participation, in an integral vision of the society of the moment. The defense of the thesis of the government of the best anticipates the first part of The Revolt of the Masses.

The congress consists of 8 tables through two days of working sessions on Wednesday, May 4 and Thursday, May 5. In addition, there will be an inaugural conference on Tuesday, May 3, and two on-line sessions, an introductory one on the current state of the work on May 3 and a commentary on some of the contributions of the meeting on Friday, May 6.