La agresión rusa da una nueva dimensión a la Conferencia sobre el Futuro de Europa
April 1, 2022

Russia’s aggression brings a new dimension to Europe’s future conference.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has changed everything. The importance of the Conference on the Future of Europe has also changed everything, as Professor Patxi Aldecoa, President of the Spanish Federal Council for European Action, and Pascual Navarro, Secretary of State of the European Union, unanimously pointed out.

Attending the conference on the theme “Confronting Russian aggression in Ukraine”, the Secretary of State said that “the conference is growing in relevance, timeliness and usefulness”.

The Conference on the Future of Europe, held on 31 March in the Historic Auditorium of the University of Complutense, was opened by Concepción García, Vice-Rector for Employment and Entrepreneurship, and by Eva Maydell, President of the International Campaign for Europe, and Mattia de Grassi of the European Commission. The opening ceremony was conducted by videoconference.