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F1) Justification of the Title: Social or professional demand to cover

At present, a set of social changes is taking place, cultural, political, economic, labour, technological, etc., which are giving rise to a new stage in the history of humankind. It is necessary to have highly qualified global professionals in some critical regions in this unique situation. One of these areas is the Financial Department of the company. Young international students seek postgraduate training in finance in those countries where, in addition, they can learn the main languages ​​used in business in large geographic areas.

This type of study is currently desirable for students from Asia, especially China. In this way, they can study finance while perfecting English with a study like the one presented here.

F2) Training objectives of the study.

The main training objective of the MASTER IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is to put available to international students who wish to acquire a quality postgraduate training at the University of Alcalá, a study that allows them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the financial area of ​​the company or the various institutions that operate in the national or international monetary system. The formation in finance obtained in this study is reinforced by training in languages ​​of the student taking it.

F3) Competences to be acquired by the student (as complete as possible)

Develop a conceptual and practical framework that allows the analysis of the different types of financial operations in which it is involved the company in its relationship with financial institutions and with stock markets.

Make financial decisions (investment, financing and compensation to the shareholder) corresponding to the company’s strategy that aligns with the welfare of society, in harmony with the fair remuneration of the shareholder risk and with the contribution and sacrifices made by the different interest groups.

Manage portfolios made up of various types of securities (fixed income and variable) and financial instruments, which allow adjusting their return and risk to the preferences of investors with different objectives.

Interpret the economic-financial information of the company from the financial and memory statements of the company.

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