More women in senior management positions needed in companies
March 11, 2022

On 10 March, as part of its Women’s Week activities, the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of University Complutense organised a colloquium on “Women Executives. A vision of female leadership in organisations”.

Moderated by journalist Gloria Lomana, president of 50&50 Gender Leadership Advisory, the event brought together Silvia Roldán, current CEO of Metro Madrid; Olga Rojo, vice-president of Shiseido Group Spain; Eva Ivars, CEO Alain Afflelou Spain and Begoña Gómez, director of the Extraordinary Chair of Social Transformation at UCM and also of the Africa Center of the IE Foundation. One message above all the rest: more women are needed in management positions in companies; society and the companies themselves will be grateful.

Begoña Gómez, Director of the Extraordinary Chair of Social Transformation at UCM, provided the most strategic vision of the session. She explained that companies were created and designed by men and that the arrival of women in management positions is making it possible to initiate a process of transformation that must culminate in a new business model, with three main axes: social and environmental return and the gender perspective. This must be developed “from top to bottom and from left to right, in a transversal manner”. Women must be present in all areas of the company.