The Iusmigrante project presents a legal report on human trafficking for the purpose of crime
March 21, 2022

The Complutense project Iusmigrante has presented, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Law, the legal report “Victims of trafficking for criminal purposes: between protection and punishment”.

The work, which focuses on the case of a Peruvian woman, in a situation of extreme poverty, who is forced to act as a mule and smuggle cocaine into our country, highlights the existence of multiple types of trafficking, beyond the most common, which is aimed at sexual exploitation. Margarita Martínez Escamilla, Professor of Criminal Law at the UCM, reminded us that there is also trafficking for labour exploitation, organ extraction, forced marriages or, as in this case, for forced criminality, be it theft, trafficking or drug cultivation.

Professor Margarita also explains that human trafficking is a very serious crime that must be prosecuted and punished, but when the victims of trafficking are also used to commit crimes, “the emphasis must be placed on protecting these victims”.

This report is a huge step towards raising awareness of other forms of trafficking”, which is both slavery and crime, “which is growing and becoming more creative”, and is currently taking advantage of conflicts such as the one in Ukraine.