Exchange Program

Details of the Program

GEC works with the top public and private universities in Spain and offers qualified service for those who want to have an exchange study or academic visit in Spain.

After successfully launched the programs in China, GEC has established a long-term and stable partnership with more than 40 universities and 30 high schools. In addition, GEC has also developed customized and international programs for universities and institutions in China and Spain.

Over the years, we have established solid partnership with many Spanish universities, and facilitated a special agreement authorized by the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of A Coruña.

Participating in a student exchange  program in Spain is the perfect way to improve your language and professional skills at the same time. Teaching activities combined with majors and short trips with the purpose of improving your language level will make you more fluent to communicate with others in foreign languages. The exchange program generally lasts for half a year or one year. All of our partner universities will allow students (those major in Spanish) to choose Spanish as a compulsory course. For students who do not have Spanish language skills, they can choose English-taught courses related to their undergraduate courses as a compulsory course (including students major in English).

Why study in Spain

High-level education

Spain is well-known for its higher education strength, and the official degrees awarded by Spanish universities are internationally recognized, making Spain one of the most popular study destinations for students in the European exchange program (Erasmus). Currently, there are totally 80 universities in Spain, 20% of which are among the top 500 in the world.

Affordable cost of study and living

The cost of study in Spain is very affordable and cost-effective, especially compared to other European capitals. Even big cities such as Madrid or Barcelona are financially friendly to international students, because there are many budget-friendly opportunities in terms of accommodation and leisure.

Spanish language study

Spanish is the second largest language in the world in term of the number of native speakers. More than 500 million people take Spanish as their mother tongue. This will surely open up different career opportunities in the job market for students who know Spanish as a second language. In this globalized world, the more people you can communicate with, the greater your value as an employee will be.

A safe country to study in

You can enjoy a quiet life in any city of Spain, because it is one of the safest countries in the world. You will be immersed in the typical Mediterranean lifestyle full of sunshine, beaches, open air, carefree, peace and coexistence.

Related Programs

Complutense Experience Program is a transnational exchange program that seeks a balance through the perfect integration of student development, leisure, knowledge, fun, learning and travel. Through trips and entertainment, students will not only acquire knowledge, but also gain the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

The landscapes of Spain 
What does Spain look like in your mind? Passionate Barcelona? Leisurely Madrid? Or maybe historic Granada and Seville? The Complutense experience program may present you with a completely different Spain.

The Spanish Culture 
Spain has a unique artistic culture! Monuments scattered all over the streets, world-famous museums and works of art masters can bring treasures to your senses! You can travel between cities, and the rich cultural and artistic activities will surely allow you to experience the feeling of traveling back to another era.

The Spanish Cuisine 
Spanish cuisine is well-known for being delicious while being good to health. Through the Complutense Experience program, you have the opportunity to taste its gastronomy and learn how to prepare the most famous Spanish dish with a famous local chef.

Multicultural Exchanges
Spain is uniquely attractive and several different cultures are integrated. It is visited by students and tourists from all over the world, so that our students can experience and enjoy a multicultural environment.

Top Study Destinations in Spain

A Coruña



GEC staff accompanied the new students of the exchange programme on a tour of the Complutense University of Madrid campus so that they could get acquainted with the environment before the formal classes and could start their new phase of study better.

The formal opening ceremony for new students of the exchange programme at the Complutense University of Madrid was organised before the start of classes. In addition to welcoming the new students, the teachers and leaders of the university gave specific advice and guidance to the new students on all aspects of their study and life.

Students of the Master propio programme are pictured with their lecturers in the university classroom. The courses of the Master propio programme are more practical and focused on students' future employment, and the curriculum is both practical and interesting.

The classroom activities in the master propio programme are very enriching and are designed to give students a better understanding of the content they are learning.

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