High School Program

Details of the Program

According to the regulations of the Spanish Ministry of Education, the minimum age for international students to study in Spain is 16, and the minimum education background is completeness of the first year of high school. Afterwards, international students can apply to join the 1+2 program to continue their high school courses in one of the best private high schools in Spain. After graduation, they can participate in the university entrance assessment and apply for further studies in one of the universities in Spain.

GEC works with three top high schools in Spain and  offers foundation courses in appropriate languages and pre-university courses for international students.

Why study in High School in Spain

As an international student coming to study in high school in Spain, you will find that the friendly atmosphere and rich cultural integration will teach you how to fully explore your life. When you study with your Spanish peers and live with a local host family, your lifestyle will be exactly the same as the locals. This will greatly help you improve your Spanish language level and deepen your understanding of local customs.

Having been one of the cultural centers of Europe for thousands of years, Spain makes an ideal place to study for those who love history, art, literature, society, sports and cooking. Moreover, Spain is famous for its flamenco music and dance, bullfighting, charming beaches and plenty of sunshine.

Affordable cost of study and living

The cost of study in Spain is very affordable and cost-effective, especially compared to other European capitals. Even big cities such as Madrid or Barcelona are financially friendly to international students, because there are many budget-friendly opportunities in terms of accommodation and leisure.

A safe country to study in

You can enjoy a quiet life in any city of Spain, because it is one of the safest countries in the world. You will be immersed in the typical Mediterranean lifestyle full of sunshine, beaches, open air, carefree, peace and coexistence.

Highlights of the Program

98% of the students think their improves their Spanish skills.

80% of students think their experience of studying abroad helps them make progress toward career goals.

Being a pioneer in high school education and home stay programs for international students, our 15-year experience has enabled us to focus the services towards the changing needs of the students.

In order to help students study in high school successfully, our partner institutions in Spain offer summer language intensive course and summer high school preparatory courses for international students. Meanwhile, we also offer a one-year intensive language learning course for students who have not met the language requirement of  high school courses.

Service for High School Student

Our service starts at the first moment of students’ arrival in Spain. It covers pick-up at the airport, temporary accommodation, insurance, daily-life guide and campus guide etc. We provide timely, comprehensive and personalized overseas services at the most favorable prices.  GEC also provides additional services for underage students studying in high schools. 

Accommodation service

two accommodation options are available for high-school student, boarding school or home stay.

Guardianship services for international students

Underage students in Spain must have a legal guardian, who is either a Spanish citizen or a permanent resident in Spain. Our team provides a professional guardianship service to overseas underage students who study in Boarding Schools and Colleges. We will select the home stay carefully and do a thorough background investigation of home stays in order to guarantee the security of students. All eligible home stays have to sign contracts with the high schools before they accommodate students.

  • The home stay will supervise 24/7 and monitor student’s educational progress and social development.
  • Being available on a daily basis as a point of contact for parents, students and schools.
  • Providing 3 meals per day and cleaning service for underage students.

Our Partner Schools

The Alborada college offers an educational and work model based on a Christian vision of the world, which provides a personalized and comprehensive training, in a climate of full freedom, fostering responsibility and following the principles of transcendence, social transformation, continuous improvement and personal fulfillment.

The Arenales school is a bilingual concerted center located in the Carabanchel neighborhood (Madrid). It is a non-profit educational institution that wishes to provide its students with high-level academic training and especially promotes all the values ​​related to a job well done and carried out from a dimension of service to others, as well as the desire for improvement. and improvement, the positive vision of people and situations, respect and promotion of personal freedom and responsibility, camaraderie, sincerity, loyalty, generosity, the search for justice and harmony, etc.

Belonging to a private institution dedicated to education for more than 60 years, Colegio San Patricio La Moraleja offers a unique educational experience which combines a number of areas that cannot be explored in any other school:

  • Bilingual education that ensures an excellent level of English and a high academic level.
  • A great emphasis on creative development, sports and an international mindset.

Teachers are giving focused tutorials in small classes to international high school students, focusing on the growth of each individual student.

Host families for international high school students, our international high school students generally live with local families, allowing for better integration into local life and a more comprehensive understanding of the local culture.

International high school students play basketball in the school playground. Proper exercise is essential in the development of young people and our high school student program places great importance on student participation in physical activity.

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