High School Program

Details of the Program

The minimum education background to participate in the High School Program is to complete the first year of high school.
Afterward, international students can apply to join the 1+2 program to continue their high school courses in one of the best private high schools in Spain. After graduation, they can participate in the university entrance assessment and apply for further studies in Spanish universities.

GEC works with three top-class high schools in Spain and offers foundation courses and suitable language courses for international students.

Why study in High School in Spain

As an international student coming to study in high school in Spain, you will learn how to fully explore your life, thanks to the friendly atmosphere and rich cultural integration. When you study with your Spanish peers and live with a local host family, your lifestyle will change, and you will integrate into society as the locals. This will greatly help you improve your Spanish language level and deepen your understanding of local customs.

Having been one of the cultural centers of Europe for thousands of years, Spain is an ideal place to study for those who love history, art, literature, society, sports or gastronomy. Moreover, Spain is famous for its flamenco music and dance, bullfighting, charming beaches and abundant sunshine.

Affordable cost of study and living

The cost of study in Spain is affordable and cost-effective, especially compared to other European capitals. Even big cities like Madrid and Barcelona are financially friendly to international students, since there are many low-cost opportunities in terms of accommodation and leisure.

A safe country to study in

You can enjoy a quiet life in any city in Spain. It is one of the safest countries in the world. You will be immersed in the typical Mediterranean lifestyle, carefree and peaceful, full of sunshine, beaches, open-air area and coexistence.

Highlights of the Program

98% of the students think they’ve improved their Spanish skills.

80% of students think their experience of studying abroad helps them get closer to their career goals.

Being a pioneer in high school education and homestay programs for international students, our 15-year experience allows us to focus our services on the changing needs of the students.

In order to help students study in high school successfully, our partner institutions in Spain offer intensive language courses and high school preparatory courses during the summer, specifically designed for international students. Meanwhile, we also offer a one-year intensive language learning course for students who haven’t met the language requirement of high school courses.

Service for High School Students

Our service starts at the first moment of studentsarrival in Spain. It covers pick-up at the airport, temporary accommodation, insurance, daily-life guide and campus guide, etc. We provide timely, comprehensive and personalised overseas services at the most favorable prices. GEC can also provide additional services, adapted to the needs of every minor student.

Accommodation service

Two accommodation options are available for high-school students: boarding school or homestay.

Guardianship services for international students

The Spanish government insists that minor students must have a legal guardian, who is either a Spanish citizen or a permanent resident in Spain. Our team provides a professional guardianship service to overseas minor students who study in Boarding Schools and Colleges. We select the homestay with caution through a thorough background investigation of homestay families, in order to guarantee the security of students. All eligible homestays will have to sign contracts with the high schools before they accommodate students.

  • The homestay supervises students 24/7 and monitors their educational progress and social development;
  • They’re available continuously as a point of contact for parents, students and schools;
  • They can provide 3 meals per day and a cleaning service for minor students.

Our Partner Schools

Based on a Christian worldview, Alborada college offers a model of education and work. It provides personalised and comprehensive training to students, in an atmosphere with complete freedom. Here, the sense of responsibility is fostered, and multiple principles, such as transcendence, social transformation, continuous improvement and personal fulfilment, are taught and followed.

The Arenales college is a bilingual study center located in the Carabanchel neighbourhood in Madrid. It is a non-profit educational institution that wishes to provide its students with high-level academic training. It concentrates especially on the construction of the life values of students. Here, the students learn to take responsibility and willingly serve others in their future work. They will as well acquire the desire for self-improvement, the positive vision to see the world, the search for justice, along with other personal values such as respect, freedom, responsibility, camaraderie, sincerity, loyalty, generosity and harmony, etc.

International School Program

In an era of intensified global competition, studying abroad at a young age has become increasingly common. It has become a popular way for parents to educate their children. In comparison with the students who start to study abroad at university, minors who have started before the high-education stage have obvious advantages in cultural integration and language proficiency.

Foreign students of all ages are accepted to study in Spain from nursery and primary school to junior high school and senior high school. After graduating from a Spanish high school, international students can not only choose to study in public and private universities in Spain, but also apply to study in well-known institutions of higher education in other countries.


  1. Students will enjoy a comprehensive, advanced and high-quality education in Europe’s top-class private schools. They’ll enjoy all-rounded training and cultivation, adapted to their different characteristics and personalities.
  2. Students will learn the local language via immersion language teaching modality at an early age. It significantly lowers the difficulty of obtaining Spanish proficiency. Most young students speak Spanish as their mother tongue within two years after they start their studies in Spain. This significantly gains them a first-mover advantage in future labor market competition.
  3. The probability of being admitted to top universities in Spain and other countries is significantly increased, so world-renowned universities are no longer an unattainable luxury.
  4. The cost of studying in Spain (living expenses, tuition fees, etc.) is relatively low compared with other countries, with an average annual cost of about 25,000 Euros.

Major subjects:
Spanish language and literature (Reading, linguistic contents, orthography) First foreign language English (Linguistic contends, audiovisual, conversation) Mathematics (Calculation, Concepts, Practical problems)
Social science (History, Geography etc.)
Natural science (Biology, Physics etc.)
Artistic education (Music, Arts and crafts)
Physical education

Major subjects:
Spanish language and literature
First foreign language English
Social science (History, Geography etc.)
Natural science (Biology, Physics etc.)
Artistic education (Music, Arts, and crafts)
Physical education
Second foreign language (French, German, Italian etc. Subject to availability)

Compulsory subjects:
Spanish language and Literature
Choose one of the following (according to career direction): Mathematics, Latin, Mathematics for social science, Art foundation

Optional subjects (choose one of the following according to career direction):
Physics, Chemistry, Technical drawing, Biology, Geography, History of modern world economy, History of philosophy, History of modern art, Design, Audio-visual culture, Business economy

Special subject:
Compulsory: Physical education
Optional: French, Religion, Psychology, Literature, Painting

For primary school students, in most cases, a language test is not required for entry (subject to the option of school). For secondary and high school applicants, B1 in Spanish is a general requirement (subject to the option of school). For those students who have obtained sufficient language proficiency, a one-year language course will be provided by the school.

Services GEC offers:

  • Application to International schools (according to clients’ preference)
  • Accommodation (Boarding schools or homestays)
  • Life assistance during students’ stay in Spain

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