Exchange Program
in the University of Málaga

If you are planning to apply for a place at the University of Málaga as an incoming exchange student, you must first contact the International Relations coordinator at your home university to discuss your plans with them. We can only accept incoming students who wish to study in subjects specified in bilateral agreements between universities. Check with the International Relations offices at your university to discover with which universities and which departments or faculties the university has signed cooperative agreements. The University of Málaga only admit exchange students approved by the International Relations Offices of its counterparts.

At the final stage of the Exchange Program, the University of Málaga will issue to  students academic transcripts and students obtain credits of the course. Besides, students can choose to stay at the University of Málaga in pursuit of a bachelor  or master degree if conditions permit.

Why Choose the Exchange Program
in University of Málaga

Study Program

Spanish Language Courses in International Centre of UMA

The UMA offers 65 degree programs and 6 double degree programs, 64 master Programs, 21 PhD programs and 100 other types of courses throughout the academic year. Teaching and investigation activities are organized in 18 centers and 81 departments.

Degree programs

For international students, programs taught in English create a good opportunity to learn comfortably in a foreign country. For those who want to study at UDC but prefer to study in English because of lack of confidence to study in Spanish or for those who have intention of learning two languages at the same time, the University offers you plenty of academic options by offering a wide-range English-taught degree programs.

Student Accommodation Options

Home stay

You may choose to live with home stay in comfortable flats in secure, residential areas of the city. As this city becomes your second hometown, you will truly feel the traditional Spanish warmth. The host family are all Spanish citizens and they will make you feel at home immediately. Home stay is the fastest and perfect way to improve your Spanish.


The University of Málaga is a public university ranked 23th among all Spanish universities and 683 in the world. The university’s research groups have participated in 80 national projects and 30 European and International projects. Each group has registered more than 50 patents on average, including more than 30 international patents.

A veritable international environment

The University of Málaga is firmly committed to students’ mobility. It receives more than 1,400 exchange students every year and sends more than 1,200 students abroad, in order to provide a global perspective to the University’s educational programs.

Exuberant Culture City

The University of Málaga is located in the capital of the Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun). Málaga is Picasso’s hometown, with approximately 600,000 residents. Málaga is known for its excellent quality of life and beautiful beaches; in addition, visitors are attracted by its stunning museums and inspiring artworks that are internationally acclaimed.

International Spanish Center of the University of Málaga

CIE is a benchmark center for Spanish teaching, with more than 70 years of experience in language teaching. Throughout its history, the center stands out for its teaching quality and services to international students from all over the world. Its high-quality professional team will guide your study, let you learn to communicate in Spanish, and improve your level until you have a perfect grasp of Spanish.

The course includes
Access to the Virtual, campus of the University of Málaga, access to the contents and materials necessary for the course and textbook.

About University of Málaga

The history of the University of Málaga starts from 1968 with the creation of the Association of Friends of the University of Málaga (Asociación de Amigos de la Universidad de Málaga).

In recent years, UMA developed an expansion plan regarding fields of study and infrastructure. Thus, after the Campus of Ejido was established, the University expanded towards the western district  and founded the Campus of Teatinos, which is an area that initially was composed of School of Medicine, School of Humanities, and School of Science.

Now the Campus has gradually developed into a campus offering a full range of academic studies and services.

UMA has two campuses in Málaga. However, some of the University’s activities are carried out in other location spread in  the city and province; thus, this network of knowledge is present in key points such as the city’s business centre, Andalusia’s Technology Park, and in other cities such as Ronda and Antequera.

El Ejido Campus

Located in the centre of Málaga, the campus at Ejido houses the Faculties of Economic Science, Architecture and Fine Arts.

Teatinos Campus

At present, most of the faculties of the University are located on the Teatinos campus, including the Department of Communication Science, Education Science, Law, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Tourism, Science, Philosophy

Exchange Student Programme Application Process

Students can obtain details through the teacher in charge of the exchange programme at their university.

The teacher in charge of the programme will arrange a reasonable exchange programme for the students, according to their language level and future graduation plans.

If you have any questions, please contact the teacher in charge of the programme.

In addition to language courses and cultural courses at the University Language Centre, students can also take specialist courses at the University of Malaga to help them improve their academic performance in all areas.

During the exchange period, various tutorials will be organised from time to time; for students in their fourth year, we will organise a master’s application guidance seminar for those who wish to study in Spain.

Obtain transcripts and credit notes for the corresponding courses to convert the credits earned in Spain into Chinese university credits.

Students in their fourth year can apply for postgraduate study at a Spanish university if they prefer.

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