Exchange Program
at University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca’s International Program was founded in 1989 and operates independently. Its purpose is to provide practical assistance in language courses to foreign students at the University of Salamanca, as well as to spread the Spanish language around the world and to assess the level of language knowledge.

At the same time, it tries to allow Spanish people to learn foreign languages. The University of Salamanca has signed cooperation agreements with several national and international institutions to achieve these goals. In this context, the International Program is currently working on the development of material for teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language, as well as assessing its level for students.

Since 1989, the International Program offers a greater range of subjects and increasing types of courses. The number of students continues to grow. Nowadays, there are more than 7,000 foreign students at the University of Salamanca.

The International Program plays a key role in teaching and assessing Spanish as a foreign language at home and abroad. It offers different types of Spanish language courses with a wide variety of content:

  • Spanish language and culture courses
  • Classification of Spanish courses


The International Program at the University of Salamanca offers students the opportunity to study Spanish throughout the year. The course has various duration to satisfy all needs of students, including two-week, three-week, four-week and ten-week long. Spanish courses are offered at all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced and proficient).

The International Program provides an extensive range of subjects. Students can design their courses: on the one hand, compulsory two hours of Spanish language courses; on the other hand,1-3 elective courses to suit students’ needs and preferences. Class sizes are small in order to provide students with the best learning experience. Discover our wide range of academic courses and study programs, you can come and find out the charm of Salamanca University.

This program is designed to give students the freedom to choose the subjects that suit their needs. Through this course, students can study Spanish, as well as other subjects related to the Spanish language and culture, such as History, Art, Literature, Cinema, Business Spanish, The Woman in Spanish History, The Arab World in the Hispanic World, etc.

Starting with a four-module (spring semester) or three-module (fall semester) core course, students can add more subjects from the Modular Program or the Personalised Student Learning Plan (PCI).

The duration of each subject is 45 hours per semester.

Some modules are held in English. (In this case, the B2 level is required.)

Students will be placed into different language classes. The level of the class they enter will be determined by an on-site placement test, administered by the International Program.

Registration and accommodation request: In the case of registering for any of our programs, students have to access the online platform to submit their registration. The application of everything they might need or want (subjects, accommodation, extracurricular activities…) during their stay is also handled through the platform.

Tuition fees must be paid before the beginning of the course.

To get your International Program student card at the Universidad de Salamanca, don’t forget to add your passport number and a photograph during registration.

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