Exchange Program
at Complutense University

If you are planning to apply for a place at the Complutense University  as an incoming exchange student, you must first contact the International Relations coordinator at your home university to discuss your plans with them. UCM can only accept incoming students who wish to study in subjects specified in bilateral agreements between universities. Check with the International Relations offices at your university to discover with which universities and which departments or faculties the university has signed cooperative agreements. UCM only admit exchange students approved by the International Relations Offices of its counterparts.

At the final stage of the Exchange Program, Complutense University will issue to students academic transcripts and students will obtain credits for the course. Besides, students can choose to stay at Complutense University in pursuit of a bachelor’s or master’s degree if conditions permit.

Why Choose the Exchange Program at Complutense University


Complutense University ranked 226th in the QS World University Rankings 2023. In addition, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Complutense is widely regarded as the most prestigious academic institution in Spain. The educational resources are equally distributed among all degree programs. UCM proudly owns quite a few star programs, most of which rank as the world’s top 200 or even the top 50.

Professional Opportunities

Madrid offers you an excellent opportunity to study and gain the requisite knowledge for a successful future career. The city is a buzzing center for business and commerce. It’s also one of Europe's major financial hubs.

Cosmopolitan City

The people of Madrid are the friendliest you will ever get to meet. Their warm and kind hearts will surely make you feel welcomed and secure when studying and living in Madrid. Whether you are on campus, at the libraries, the museums or out enjoying some wine and tapas, you are always likely to feel at home in Madrid.

Exchange Program Application Process

Submission of an application for participating in the Complutense University exchange program to the university the student is currently studying in

The responsible teacher for the project will assist students with language learning and future graduation planning, and arrange a reasonable exchange study plan.

Selection of specialty courses students will take during the exchange period in advance

The teacher in charge of the program will provide assistence to the students in assessing students’ language proficiency and in further study planning in order to guarantee the rationality of students’ study plan.

Visa application as exchange student

If you have any difficulty in visa application, you will be able to receive information and assistance from the teacher in charge of the program.

Start the exchange study course at Complutense University

In addition to language courses, students can also take specialty courses in departments and at Complutense University and cultural courses at the University Language Center to help students improve their academic level in an all-round way.

Various counseling activities will be held from time to time during the exchange period; for senior students, we will arrange master program application guidance lectures for those who intend to continue their study in Spain.

When the exchange study is over, students will obtain the transcripts and a document for credits conversion so that the credits obtained at Complutense University will be converted to credits recognized by foreign University.

Senior students can apply for postgraduate studies in Spanish universities according to their personal willingness.


Complutense University Spanish Language Course(CCEE) [1]

Quarterly Spanish language course (200 hours)

2.126 €

Annual Spanish language course (600 hours)

5.432 €


[1] Schedule of Spanish language course

Oral Spanish(4 hours/week) + Writing(4 hours/week) + Grammar(4 hours/week) + Vocabulary(2 hours/week) + Work appreciation(2 hours/week) + Grammar exercises(2 hours/week) + Conversation(2 hours/week)

Advanced Culture Course at CCEE [2]

510€/ course

[2] Complutense University Language Center Advanced Culture Course

– Spanish Civil War in film and literature
– Mosaic Art in Spain: Origins, Roman Art, Islamic Art, Catholic Art

Imperial Art: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque
– Socio-political changes in Spain: from 1939 to today – Stories from Latin America
– Madrid in film and literature
– Business Spanish

– Made in Spain (Spain is different?)
– The great geniuses of modern art
– The Awakening of Women: Dialyzing the Evolution of Women’s Consciousness from a Literary Perspective
– Spanish and football
– Heroes, Saints and Demons in Spanish Literature
– Diversity in Spanish
– Muslim culture in Spain: history and everyday life

Complutense University specialty courses [3]

(If students choose specialty courses, a minimum of two courses are required)

550€/ course


[3] Complutense University specialty course

The university has 26 faculties and offers 304 officially recognized degrees. It mainly covers knowledge in fields including natural science, social science and law, health science, humanities, art and language, technology and engineering etc.. In addition, the Complutense University of Madrid also has 48 specialized research institutes and colleges, 21 research hospitals and clinics.

Spanish third-party overseas services for exchange students

(see the attached table for details)


40 € / month

Complutense Center for Spanish (CCEE)

Student Accommodation Options


You may choose to live with a homestay in a comfortable flat in a secure, residential area of the city. As this city becomes your second hometown, you will truly feel the traditional Spanish culture, the warmth and the passion. The host families are all Spanish citizens and will immediately make you feel at home. Homestay is the fastest and best way to improve your Spanish.

Student Apartments at Complutense University

Complutense University offers student apartments (Casa do Brasil), which is located in an ideal place with quick and easy access to the university town. The apartments also provide students with a high-quality and safe international accommodation, enriching the overseas studentsliving life.

Complutense University (UCM), Campus of International Excellence, has been offering Spanish language courses for foreign students since 1928, in the Faculty of Philology at the Complutense Center for Spanish (CCEE). All teachers have rich experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The Complutense Center for Spanish is an official exam center for the Diplomas de Español Como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) and Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española (SIELE). For this reason, the Complutense Center also offers intensive preparation courses to help students obtain their language diplomas.

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