Master UCM Permanent Formation:
Sports Management


This Formation degree focuses on a comprehensive approach to the management of all types of sports activities. It aims to develop strategies, optimise resources and analyse general and specific economic, social and financial information, in order to make specific
decisions within the environmental, social and governance framework in compliance with the objectives and goals of the organisation.

Teaching modality: Face-to-face teaching


Duration: One year

Teaching language: English

Places available: 50

Price: 9.050 €

Specific objectives:

  • To understand strategic human resource management (HRM) policies and translate them into HRM tools. Specifically, HR activities include the formal policies of sports entities, daily empirical practices and the assessment of their effectiveness.
  • To develop the competencies and aptitudes required to effectively manage the marketing process in this area.


Strategy contents

Strategy processes

Strategy context

Project management

Digital Strategy

Sports analytics

Global and Strategic Talent Management

Motivation and Work Environment

HR Planning

Staff Recruitment

Training and development

Techniques and tools in HR Management

Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Social networks

Brand Management

Strategic Alliances

Sports Social Media Networks. Sports Media Management

Sport Communication

Sports Marketing Mix

Accounting and Financial Information of Sports Entities 

Financial Statements: Balance sheet, Income statement

Economic and Financial Analysis of Sport Entities

Sports Leadership

Managerial Functions

Conflict Resolution


Design of products and services for Sports Activities.

Management of Sports Activities: Planning, Organising, Staffing, Leading and Controlling.

Management of Sports Events: general aspects, models of organising Sports Events.

Installations management

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