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GEC Japan is responsible for the recruitment and institutional cooperation of GEC in Japan, There is currently an established collaboration with Japanese universities such as Tokai University and Tohoku University. It is responsible for organizing and arranging programs for students from these universities to study and exchange in Spain.

The four programs currently in operation are listed below and there will be more related study abroad programs offered by GEC Japan in the future to help more Japanese students to study in Spain.


It is a special Spanish course of 40 hours/ two weeks. It is usually held in February of each year.

It is a course organized just for that group that includes cultural activities and guided tours.

It is a special course of 60 hours/ three weeks. It is held twice a year in March/August-September in Alcalingua.

The course is attended by students from different Japanese universities.

It is a course organized only for this group that includes cultural activities (cooking classes, flamenco, Prado Museum…) and excursions (Madrid, Segovia and Toledo).

They are a group of students from a Japanese women’s university who are enrolled in Alcalingua’s September and Annual course, doing 680 hours of Spanish.

They enroll in official courses that are published on the Alcalingua website.

This is common for all students, then each of them can extend the course by doing:

  • More Spanish courses during the summer
  • University courses as a visiting student, if you have a sufficient level of Spanish.

It is different from the previous one, it is aimed at a group of female students who are studying an art degree at a Japanese university.

It is usually held every two years, either in February or September. It lasts one week and there are 16 hours of classes distributed like this, the last year.

  • 5 hours of Spanish history in English.
  • 3 hours of European art in English.
  • 4 hours of conversation in Spanish.
  • 4 hours of academic activity during the visits: guided tour in English of the city and the UAH, visit to the market, Prado Museum, etc.
Alex Miyasaka
Japan Managing Director

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