UCM Language Courses

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Campus of International Excellence, offers Spanish courses for foreign students since 1928 in the Faculty of Philology at the Complutense Center for Spanish (CCEE).

Our courses on Spanish language and culture include

• All levels in the European Common Language Framework

• Practice in all language skills

• Business and working environment-oriented courses

CCEE Spanish Courses

Annual Courses (October - June)

Courses follow the European Common Language according to the students’ level of competence.

• Basic (A1 and A2)
• Intermediate (B1 and B2)
• Advanced (C1 and C2)

Trimestral Courses

Immersion Courses

Advanced Culture Course

Summer Courses

Intensive Courses

Examiner Centre for DELE and SIELE Diploma

Our staff are high-qualified teachers and professors from the renowned Faculty Philology of the Complutense University.
As any Complutense student, all CCEE students have access to all services and facilities at the University such as

• Libraries and language laboraries
• Computer rooms and free wifi access • Sports and swimming pool facilities • University dining halls

The course of the Spanish Language Teaching Center at UCM is set up according to the Common Criteria for European Language Teaching and Assessment Framework and is divided into the following levels:

• Basic level (A1, A2)
• Intermediate level (B1, B2) • Advanced level (C1, C2)

Students are required to take a Spanish language proficiency test prior to enrollment. After the end of each semester, the level test will be repeated, and those who pass the test will be promoted to a higher level class.

The Complutense Centre for Teaching Spanish has been an examiner center since the creation of Spanish Qualification Exams. For the DELE exam, the call is open in February, July and September. For the SIELE exam, it offers monthly calls. In addition to the Spanish language courses, the UCM Language Teaching Centre (CCEE) offers students advanced cultural courses covering Spanish film and literature, Spanish art, Spanish History, Spanish Art History and more.*

* For a complete list of courses, please see the annual course schedule for the Spanish Language Department at Complutense University in Madrid.

Advanced Culture Courses

Complete course: 3rd October 2023 – 22th June 2024

1st trimester: 3rd October – 19th December 2024

  • The Civil War in cinema and literature
  • Spain, an artistic mosaic: origins, Roman art, Muslim art, Christian art
  • Heroes, saints and monsters through Spanish literature
  • The socio-political changes in Spain during the 20th century: from monarchy to dictatorship
  • The Spanish-American story I

2nd trimester: 11th January – 21st March 2023

  • The Art of the Empire: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque
  • The Spanish-American story II
  • Business Spanish
  • Made in Spain (different Spain)
  • Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Contemporary Cinema

3rd trimester: 11th April – 22th June 2023

  • Great geniuses of “modernity”
  • Women wake up. The evolution of women through Spanish literature
  • The socio-political changes in Spain from 1975 to the present day: the transition and the result
  • Varieties of Spanish
  • Diversity of Spanish-Muslim Culture in Spain: History and Daily Life



Guided visits to the main museums, guided tours to UNESCO Heritage cities in Spain and to Madrid attractions.

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